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1918 Panhard et Levassor Sedan

The first automobile manufacturer in France was Panhard-Levassor and is only second in the world to Daimler-Benz. These two companies worked together sharing ideas and designs and Daimler actually supplied Panhard with engines during their first years of production.

Panhard-Levassor was an established woodworking and machinist firm. They constructed their first prototype automobile in 1890, and production vehicles in 1891. By 1900, the firm had over 850 employees and was building 75 cars per month. Even at this capacity, they were unable to keep up with demand. One of their earliest customers was the Honorable C.S. Rolls who, a few years later, would build his own car, the Rolls-Royce.

Along with being an early producer of automobiles, they were also leaders in technological advancements with one of the first driveshafts instead of chain-drive and the first to use a pressed-steel chassis frame. They used racing to promote their products and captured many significant wins in many early races, including the Paris-Bordeaux Race.

This Panhard-Levassor is a very original car and has a unique body that was crafted by the French coachbuilder Belvallette. It was originally owned by Luigi Chinetti Sr. and driven by him while he was working in Paris. The car is currently still in the ownership of the Chinetti family.

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1918 Panhard et Levassor Sedan

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