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1935 Duesenberg Model SJN Convertible Victoria

In the mid-1930s, a contemporary series of Duesenbergs were offered featuring a wider body dropped over the frame rails for a lower profile. Designated the 'JN' series, they were designed by Herb Newport of Rollston and Company of New York. Only four cabriolet convertibles were built, with the first one going to Hollywood legend Clark Gable. This remarkable automobile is the only factory-equipped supercharged Duesenberg Model JN ever produced. The car has been driven only 16,500 miles. The supercharged straight-eight engine displaced 420 cubic inches, with twin overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder. Brakes were vacuum-assisted hydraulic oversized units. Aluminum alloy was used extensively in the engine, dash, steering column, differential and flywheel housing, crankcase, timing chain cover, intake manifold, brake shoes, and even the gas tank. The use of aluminum kept the weight of this massive car just under 5,200 pounds. The JN model was capable of a staggering 89 mph in second gear and 112-116 mph in high gear. This is an original, unrestored example.

One of 38 factory supercharged (320 bhp) Duesenbergs, this car with chassis number 2589 and engine J-564, is believed to have just 16,000 miles since new. The SJN series was first ordered in 1935 and consisted of a total of 10 cars that incorporated 17-inch wheels, skirted fenders, and a built-in trunk. The SJN combines a supercharged SJ engine with the low and wider bodywork from the JN, first seen in 1933.

This car is one of four (or possibly five) JN Convertible Coupes built by Rollston and is the only factory-supercharged JN. Showing only 16,500 miles on the odometer, it is original except for paint and upholstery. All of the Rollston convertibles were designed by Herb Newport, and the first one was bought by Hollywood legend Clark Gable. Aluminum alloy was used extensively in the engine as well as many other mechanical components, which kept the weight of this massive car down to just under 5,200 pounds and allowed even an un-supercharged Model JN to achieve a staggering 89 mph in second gear and over 120 in top gear. This car was owned for nearly six decades by the same family before being acquired by its current owner in 2000. Since then it has been sympathetically refurbished, keeping almost all of its original features intact.

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1935 Duesenberg Model SJN

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Convertible Victoria
Coachwork: Rollston & Company
Designer: Gordon Buehrig
Chassis #: 2589
Engine #: SJN-564