Vehicle Valuation Analysis

1896 Ford Quadricycle Median Auction Sale Value by Year (prices in USD$)
YearMedian SaleHigh SaleLow SaleConsignments#SalesSell Through Rate
$61,274 $61,274$61,27411100%

Performance and Specification Comparison

Industry Production

1901Locomobile (1,561)Columbia (1,427)Winton (686)
1900Columbia (1,393)Locomobile (767)Winton (218)
1899Columbia (387)Locomobile (337)Winton (106)
1898Columbia (73)Winton (22)Duryea (12)
1897Winton (6)Duryea (6)Haynes-Apperson (3)
1896Duryea (13)Winton (2)
1895Duryea (2)
1894Duryea (2)

Ford Production Figures

1896 Ford Quadricycle
Quadricycle 2 P : 1


How much does the 1896 Ford Quadricycle cost? Is the 1896 Ford Quadricycle expensive? What was the most recent sale of the 1896 Ford Quadricycle?

Q: When is the most recent sales value of the 1896 Ford Quadricycle?

A: The most recent sale of the 1896 Ford Quadricycle was in June of 2018 at Bonhams : Den Hartogh Sale where it sold for $61,274.00 (USD).