Q: What manufacturers did Judkins create coachwork for? A: Judkins created coachwork for (at least) the following manufacturers: Duesenberg, Lincoln, Pierce Arrow

Q: What body styles did Judkins create? A: Judkins created (at least) the following body styles: 2 Window Berline, 2-Window Berline, 2-Window Sedan, 3 Window Berline, 3-Window Berline, 3-Window Sedan, 7-Passenger Sedan, Berl. Gls., Berline, Berline 2 Window, Berline 2 Window with Glass Partition, Berline 2-window, Berline 3 Window, Berline 3-Window, Berline Glass Partition Two Window, Berline Three-Window, Berline Two-Window, Berline with Glass Partition, Coaching Brougham, Coupe, Coupe Custom, Judkins Berline, Judkins Berline 2 Window, Judkins Berline 2W, Judkins Berline 3 Window, Judkins Berline 3W, Judkins Berline Glass Partitan, Judkins Coupe, Judkins Limousine, Judkins Sedan, Judkins Sedan Glass Partian, Judkins Sedan Limousine, Limousine, Sedan, Sedan 2 Window, Sedan 2-Window, Sedan 3 Window, Sedan 3-Window, Sedan Gls. Part, Sedan Limousine, Sedan Three Window, Touring Coupe, Two-Window Berline, Victoria Coupe

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