Coachwork by Abbotts of Farnham

Abbott of Farnham, E D Abbott Limited was a British coachbuilding business that was in business from 1929 through 1972. They were based in Farnham, Surrey and was started by Edward Dixon Abbott. His resume included working in the design department of Wolseley Motors and later joined coachbuilders Page and Hunt who had started their business in 1920. Abbot was their London Sales Manager. Page and Hunt went out of business in 1929, and that is when Abbot took over their Farnham works forming a new company using his surname. Much of their early work was for commercial vehicles, providing the necessary cash flow to stay afloat during the Great Depression. In 1934, Abbott landed a contract for Lagonda to build all the bodies for the new Rapier and work from Frazer-Nash for coachwork on imported BMW chassis.

Q: What manufacturers did Abbotts of Farnham create coachwork for? A: Abbotts of Farnham created coachwork for (at least) the following manufacturers: Aston Martin, Atalanta, Bentley, Bristol, Delahaye, Lagonda, Rolls-Royce

Q: What body styles did Abbotts of Farnham create? A: Abbotts of Farnham created (at least) the following body styles: Coupe, Drop Head Coupe, Drophead Coupe, Roadster, Sports Tourer