Coachwork by Brunn
Lincoln Model L
1929 Lincoln Model L
Chassis number: 61375
Engine number: 61375
Lincoln Model KB
1932 Lincoln Model KB
Chassis number: KB1367
Engine number: KB1367
Duesenberg Model SJ
1933 Duesenberg Model SJ
Chassis number: 2577
Engine number: SJ528
Duesenberg Model J
1934 Duesenberg Model J
Chassis number: 2550
Engine number: J440
Lincoln Model KB Series 271
1934 Lincoln Model KB Series 271
Chassis number: KB 3375
Engine number: KB 3375
Lincoln Model K
1935 Lincoln Model K
Chassis number: K4280
Engine number: K4280
Lincoln Model K Series 300
1936 Lincoln Model K Series 300
Chassis number: K6276
Engine number: K6276
Packard 1708 Twelve
1939 Packard 1708 Twelve
Chassis number: B602303A
Engine number: B602030A

Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production.

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