Q: What manufacturers did Merrimac create coachwork for? A: Merrimac created coachwork for (at least) the following manufacturers: DuPont, Locomobile, Mercer, Packard, Rolls-Royce

Q: What body styles did Merrimac create? A: Merrimac created (at least) the following body styles: 2-Place Merrimac, Ascot Tourer, Club Coupe, Club Sedan, Coupe, Dual Cowl Phaeton, Pall Mall 6 Place Tourer, Pall Mall Sport Tourer, Pall Mall Tourer, Piccadilly Roadster, Raceabout, Roadster, Special Sedan, Speedster, Speedster Merrimac, Sport Phaeton, Tourer, Town Car

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