Coachwork by Motto

Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport
1950 Talbot-Lago T26 Grand Sport
Ferrari Type 195 Inter
1951 Ferrari Type 195 Inter

Fiat Stanga
1951 Fiat Stanga
Siata 208 S
1952 Siata 208 S

Fiat 8V
1953 Fiat 8V
Siata 208 S
1953 Siata 208 S

Cadillac Elegant Special
1955 Cadillac Elegant Special
Siata 208 S
1955 Siata 208 S

Siata 208 S
1957 Siata 208 S

Q: What manufacturers did Motto create coachwork for? A: Motto created coachwork for (at least) the following manufacturers: Cadillac, Ferrari, Fiat, Siata, Talbot-Lago

Q: What body styles did Motto create? A: Motto created (at least) the following body styles: Barchetta, Competition Spyder, Convertible Coupe, Sports Roadster, Spyder