Coachwork by Weymann

Bentley 4.5 Litre
1928 Bentley 4.5 Litre
Chassis number: RN3043
Engine number: RN3044
OM Tipo 665
1928 OM Tipo 665
Chassis number: 26641
Engine number: 25683

Stutz Model M
1929 Stutz Model M
Chassis number: M854CD223
Engine number: 32523
Stutz Model MB
1930 Stutz Model MB
Chassis number: M8-36-SD19S
Engine number: 32327

Stutz SV16
1930 Stutz SV16
Chassis number: M854CD27S
Engine number: SV 2515

Duesenberg Model J
1931 Duesenberg Model J
Chassis number: 2450
Engine number: J-437
Duesenberg Model J
1932 Duesenberg Model J
Chassis number: 2319
Engine number: J396

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