Coachwork by Murray

Lincoln Model L
1921 Lincoln Model L
Ford Model T
1926 Ford Model T

Lincoln Model L
1927 Lincoln Model L
Marmon Model 68
1928 Marmon Model 68

Hupmobile Series A
1929 Hupmobile Series A
Essex Super Six Model E
1931 Essex Super Six Model E

Hudson Series T
1931 Hudson Series T
Lincoln Model K
1931 Lincoln Model K

REO Royale Model 35
1931 REO Royale Model 35
Lincoln Model KA
1932 Lincoln Model KA

REO 8-35 Royale
1932 REO 8-35 Royale
Plymouth P8 Deluxe Line
1939 Plymouth P8 Deluxe Line

Allard J2
1950 Allard J2

Q: What manufacturers did Murray create coachwork for? A: Murray created coachwork for (at least) the following manufacturers: Allard, Dodge, Essex, Ford, Hudson, Hupmobile, Lincoln, Marmon, Plymouth, REO

Q: What body styles did Murray create? A: Murray created (at least) the following body styles: Boat-Tailed Sport Roadster, Boattail Speedabout, Convertible Coupe, Convertible Sedan, Limousine, LWB Convertible Victoria, Murray Roadster, Roadster, Sedan, Sport Roadster, Sport Sedan, Tourer, Town Sedan, Victroria