2 Stromberg carburetors

Engines/Vehicles with this Fuel Feed
1780.00 cc I-4 114.00 BHP
1968 Marcos
1998.00 cc I-4 85.00 BHP
1976 Triumph
1780.00 cc I-4 114.00 BHP
1965 Marcos
1780.00 cc I-4 114.00 BHP
1964 Marcos
1780.00 cc I-4 114.00 BHP
1966 Marcos
1780.00 cc I-4 114.00 BHP
1967 Marcos
2978.00 cc I-6 145.00 BHP
1972 Marcos
2978.00 cc I-6 145.00 BHP
1970 Marcos
2978.00 cc I-6 145.00 BHP
1971 Marcos
1973.00 cc I- 140.00 SAE
1975 Jensen
6254.94 cc V-12 125.00 HP
1933 Lincoln
1933 Lincoln Model KA
1933 Lincoln Model KA 
3916.51 cc V-8 120.00 BHP
1934 Ford
1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster
3570.00 cc S-8 100.00 BHP
1935 Delage
1935 Delage D8-105
1946 Reichenbach
1946 Reichenbach KB Special Midget
1725.00 cc I-4 99.00 HP
1962 Sunbeam
1962 Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans
1596.00 cc I-6 70.00 BHP
1963 Triumph
1963 Triumph Vitesse
1998.00 cc I-6 95.00 HP
1966 Triumph
1966 Triumph GT6 MKI
1725.56 cc I-4 99.00 BHP
1967 Sunbeam
1967 Sunbeam Alpine
1725.00 cc I-4 94.00 HP
1969 Sunbeam
1969 Sunbeam Alpine GT
1997.58 cc I-4 90.00 BHP
1975 Triumph
1975 Triumph TR7
1974.64 cc I-4 144.00 BHP
1976 Jensen
1976 Jensen GT
1998.00 cc I-4 85.00 BHP
1977 Triumph
1976 Triumph TR7
1998.00 cc I-4 85.00 BHP
1978 Triumph
1978 Triumph TR7
3528.00 cc V-8 133.00 BHP
1979 Triumph
1979 Triumph TR8
Other Components Made by this Manufacturer
1 Stromberg downdraft carburetor
2 Carter or Stromberg carburetor
2 Stromberg carburetors
3 Stromberg carburetors
Carter 4485 or Stromberg AAV-25
Carter 487-S or Stromberg AAV-16
Carter Stromberg Model BXOV-26 1-barrel
Carter WCD 2-barrel or Stromberg AAV 26 2-barrel
Rochester 1-barrel B or BC or Stromberg
Stromberg 03 updraft carburetor
Stromberg 1-barrel carburetor
Stromberg 1-barrel Model WW3-159
Stromberg 1.5-inch updraft carburetor
Stromberg 1.5-inch updraft carburetor or 2 Miller Carburetors
Stromberg 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel downdraft carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel Model 7-106 or Carter 2529 or 2536
Stromberg 2-barrel Model AAV-2 carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-108
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-124
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-131
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-135
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-148
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW3-149
Stromberg 2-barrel Model WW7-109B or Carter 2-barrel w/Synchro
Stromberg 2-barrel or Carter 2-barrels w/Synchnomesh
Stromberg 2-barrel WW3-258 carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel WWC-3-188 carburetor
Stromberg 2-barrel WWC-3-244
Stromberg 2V model EE-22
Stromberg 380359; 380349;Carter E9Al
Stromberg 4AUV267 carburetor
Stromberg AA UVB 267 carburetor
Stromberg AA UVB carburetor
Stromberg AAV-16 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg AAV-16 380106 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg AAV-25 dual downdraft carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 dual downdraft carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 number 380097 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg AAV-26 number 380097 carburetor
Stromberg AAV-267 #380226 & Carter 609 or 664
Stromberg AAV-267# 380226 carburetor
Stromberg AAVB 267 carburetor
Stromberg AUV267 carburetor
Stromberg BXV-2 single barrel carburetor
Stromberg BXV-3 1-barrel
Stromberg BXVD 1-barrel Model 3-93
Stromberg BXVD 1-barrel Model 3-93A
Stromberg DD downdraft 2-barrel
Stromberg DD3 downdraft 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg Downdraft 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg Duplex carburetor
Stromberg EE-1 2-barrel downdraft carburetor
Stromberg EE-1 carburetor
Stromberg EE22 downdraft 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg IV model EX-32 carburetor
Stromberg Model 0X2 carburetor
Stromberg Model AAUVB-26 2-barrel
Stromberg Model BXOV-26 1-barrel carburetor
Stromberg model DD-3 carburetor
Stromberg Model WW 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg Model WW3-163 2-barrel
Stromberg Model WWUVL-26 2-barrel
Stromberg or Carter 2378
Stromberg UUR2 Carburetor
Stromberg WWC 2-barrel Model 3-188
Stromberg WWC-3 2-barrel model 221
Stromberg WWC-3 2-barrel model 244
Stromberg WWC-3188 2-barrel carburetor
Stromberg WWC-3188 2-barrel model 201A
Stromberg WWG-122A carburetor

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