Holley 94 2-barrel Carburetor

Engines/Vehicles with this Fuel Feed
3923.06 cc V-8 100.00 HP
1946 Mercury
3916.51 cc V-8 95.00 HP
1940 Ford
1940 Ford Deluxe
1940 Ford Deluxe 
3923.06 cc V-8 95.00 HP
1940 Mercury
1940 Mercury Eight Series 09A
3923.06 cc V-8 100.00 HP
1947 Mercury
1947 Mercury Series 79M
1947 Mercury Panel Truck
Other Components Made by this Manufacturer
1 Holley 4-barrel carburetor
2 Holley 4-barrel carburetors
2-barrel Holley 1946 carburetor
3 Holley 1-barrel carburetor
3 Holley 2-barrel carburetors
4-barrel Holley 4180 carburetor
4-barrel Holley carburetor
Carter Type RBS 1-barrel or Holley 1-barrel Model 1931C-3705
Carter WCD or Holley 2-barrel
Holley 1-barrel 1908-FC carburetor
Holley 1-barrel carburetor
Holley 1-barrel Model 1904F carburetor
Holley 1-barrel model 1909-2555 carburetor
Holley 1-barrel model 1909-2555-3
Holley 1-barrel model 1909-2555-3 carburetor
Holley 1-barrel Model 1920-R4352A
Holley 1-barrel Model 847F carburetor
Holley 1-Barrel Model 847F5 carburetor
Holley 1-barrel Model 847FS
Holley 1-barrel R 3271A carburetor
Holley 1-barrel R2418A
Holley 1-barrel R3271A
Holley 1901 FFC 2-barrel carburetor
Holley 1908 1-barrel carburetor
Holley 1909 1-barrel carburetor
Holley 2-barrel 2300-2442-1
Holley 2-barrel 6500 carburetor
Holley 2-barrel carburetor
Holley 2-barrel Downdraft carburetor
Holley 2-barrel Model 2100 carburetor
Holley 2-barrel model 2209-2699
Holley 2-barrel model 2209-3305
Holley 2-barrel Model 94
Holley 2-barrel Model AA-1
Holley 2-barrel Model AA-1 carburetor
Holley 2040 2-barrel carburetor
Holley 2140 4-barrel carburetor
Holley 2300 2-barrel carburetor
Holley 4-barrel 4180C
Holley 4-barrel carburetor
Holley 4-barrel Model 3884505 carburetor
Holley 4-barrel Model 4150C carburetor
Holley 4-barrel Model R-3667A
Holley 4-barrel Model R-3918A
Holley 4-barrel Model R-4166A
Holley 4-barrel Model R3810A or R 3814A
Holley 4-barrel R-1971-A carburetor
Holley 4-barrel w/Ram-Air induction
Holley 4-barrel. Serial number code 'H'.
Holley 4150 4-barrel
Holley 4150-1957-1 4-barrel carb
Holley 850-cfm carburetor
Holley 885-FFC 2-barrel carburetor
Holley 885FFC 2-barrel carburetor
Holley 94 2-barrel Carburetor
Holley C7OF-9510-A 4-barrel
Holley C8AF-9510-M 2-barrel
Holley carburetor
Holley Model 2209-2699 carburetor
Holley Model 4
Holley Type R 1-barrel Model 4163A
Holley Type R 1-barrel Model 4163A carburetor
NOS 1970 Holley carburetor
One-holley 4-barrel carburetor

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