Tracta Model E

Total Production: 50 1930 - 1931
Jean Albert Gregoire designed the Tracta Model A and drove an example in the 1929 24 Hour of LeMans, winning the one-liter class. It was a revolutionary vehicle, being one of the first pre-War cars to feature front-wheel drive. Following the success of the Model A FWD configuration, the Model E was soon introduced. It was produced from 1930 through 1931, with around (at most) 50 examples produced. Some believe that only ten examples were created. Power was from a 2.7-liter Continental six-cylinder engine and offered 65 horsepower.

There are only two known Model E's in existence. This vehicle wears coachwork by Henri LeMoine and is currently in the Tampa Bay Auto Museum. The other example is a roadster with a replica body by Chapron, which resides in the Pechiney Collection in the museum in Le Mans, France.

The Tracta Company was in business for only a short period. The Great Depression, coupled with other European manufacturers using their designs without paying for them, made it difficult for the company to stay competitive and earn a profit.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008


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