Renault 16

The Renault 16 was produced from 1965 to 1980. It was voted European Car of the Year by a board of European motoring journalists in 1966. During its production lifespan, 1,845,959 examples of the 16 were produced. The car was popular in Europe. The hatchback design offered a spacious and comfortable interior. Initially, power was from a 1.6-liter gasoline engine in the GL specification and offered 55 PS (54 horsepower). A TS version was introduced in March of 1968 at the Geneva Motor Show and was powered by a 1.6-liter engine. An automatic version, dubbed the Renault 16 TA, was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1969. At the Paris Motor Show in October of 1973, the top-of-the-line model was introduced - the TX. These came with a 5-speed manual transmission, power windows on the front doors, and central door locking.

When the production of the Renault 16 ended, it was replaced by the Renault 20.
By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2011