Suzuki Cappuccino
The Suzuki Cappuccino was in production from 1991 through 1997. It was a small vehicle, with two doors and seating for two. It was a purpose built vehicle - intended to conform to the Kei car specifications for lower tax and insurance in Japan. Power was from a three-cylinder, all-alloy DOHC engine that produced 657cc. Kei car specifications allowed a maximum of just 660cc's, which meant the Cappuccino complied, but just barely. It was a very lightweight vehicle, tipping the scales at a mere 700 kgs. It was 54.9-inches wide and just 129.7-inches long with weight distribution at an even 50/50, when both seats were occupied. The engine sat far back in the engine bay with power being sent to the rear wheels. Disc brakes could be found on all four wheels.

The cars had removable roof panels which meant it could be a closed coupe or a targa top. The roof panels could be stowed in the trunk when not in use.

The cars originally were equipped with the F6A engine; later models had the K6A engine. Both were three-cylinder engines that featured turbochargers, intercoolers, and 12-vlaves.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2007

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