Auburn Model G

The Model G Touring Car, a two-cylinder automobile, was one of the most popular vehicles in the Auburn line. Production of the Model G began in 1908 and would continue until 1911. Through all these years, the 2-cylinder water-cooled engine produced 24 horsepower.

For 1909, the company cut the price on the two-cylinder line by $100. Sales for the year tripled and, for the first time, Auburn exceeded the 1,000 mark. A total of 1,018 Auburns in all models was produced for the year. This upsurge in sales prompted Auburn to plan a plant expansion to increase production capabilities.

1909 was also the same year the company introduced its first line of four-cylinder automobiles. In addition to the larger engine, the four-cylinder line was built on a larger chassis.

The Auburn Automobile Company of Auburn, Indiana was founded in 1903 by Frank and Morris Eckhart, sons of a successful carriage maker. The automobiles produced by the young brothers soon gained a loyal following and by 1909 they were able to build a foundry and machine works to facilitate the manufacturing of their Auburn cars. Production would continue until 1937.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2010