The Jabro MKI was the first sports car creation by James Broadwell and Ed Alsbury. It was created in 1957 and was an instant success. A Mark II and Mark III soon followed. The Mark II was a lighter version while the Mark III was the smaller version. The engine was typically a Crosley unit with a 2.54 inch bore, 2.36 stroke, and inline valves. Output was in the neighborhood of 65 horsepower. The engine was often fitted with Dell Orto-25 semi-downdraft carburetors. The chassis was constructed of multi-tube birdcage spaceframe while the body was of aluminum and fiberglass construction.

The cars were simple with only essential items. The instrument was also only essentials, with an oil temperature, oil pressure, and tachometer gauge.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2009

Jabro Models

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