Willys Americar
Introduced in 1941, Willy's patriotically named ‘Americar' was engineered by Barney Roos and was produced until 1942. A very ordinary compact passenger vehicle, the Americar was neverless very well-built. Produced under the presidency of Jospeh W. Frazer and the L-head four-cylinder engine and ladder chassis were conventional. The sharp-nosed body styling was slightly owed to previous Nashes and Hudson's.

The economical lightweight America competitive was priced low at $634 but unfortunately production had barely begun before Willy's introduced the ‘immortal' Jeep. Three variations were introduced, the Speedway, DeLuxe and Plainsman, each with a coupe and sedan in addition to a DeLuxe four-door woody wagon. Unfortunately production didn't resume until after the war.

The Willy's America was the last Willy's car produced until 1952. Unfortunately today the body parts are quite scarce and consumer were slow to appreciate the America. The Americar weighted in around 2,116 lbs, had a wheelbase of 104.0 inches and an overall length of 170.0 inches. For the 1941 model year, approximately 22,000 Americar's were produced while around 7,000 were produced for the 1942 year.

By Jessica Donaldson

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