Surtees TS16

Total Production: 5 1974 - 1976
John Surtees was the Formula One champion in 1964. After success in the Formula 5000 and CanAm series, the team expanded into Formula One. Surtees ran during the 1970 season, but John raced the first four races in a McLaren due to the delay of their in-house F1 car, the TS7. This new car followed closely on the TS5 F5000/Formula A car.

For the 1974 season, Surtees raced their TS16. The TS16 was based on the TS14 Formula 2 car, which in turn was a development of the TS17 F5000 car. The Surtees TS16 raced during the 1974 through 1975 Formula One season. Unable to secure major sponsorship, only a single car was run during the 1974 season. For 1975, John Watson scored in three non-Championship events, but no championship points were scored.

For the 1976 season, a new car - the TS19 - was introduced. It was designed by John Surtees and Ken Sears.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2012
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