Edsel Villager

Edsel Station Wagon
The Edsel Village was produced from 1958 through 1960, the entire lifespan of the Edsel marque. The Villager was a four-door station wagon built on a 116-inch wheelbase. It was the lower trim level of station wagons offered by Edsel. The Village came equipped with ashtrays, cigar lighter, rubber floor mats, chromed rear-view mirror, crank-operated rear windows, two-piece tailgate, and armrests.

The Edsel Company was a Division of the Ford Motor Company. As such, the vehicles shared many items including design. To differentiate the Edsel Village from the Ford counterpart, the Edsel was given a unique grille and front ensemble. In the rear of the vehicle, the taillights were given a design that was unique to the Edsel vehicles. The tail-lights proved to be confusing for many when operated as turn-indicators, so in 1959 they were redesigned.

Under the hood lurked a 361 cubic-inch V8 engine mated to a three-speed manual gearbox. A three-speed automatic gearbox was offered as optional equipment.

Production of the Villager stopped in November of 1959.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2006