Jaguar Mark IV 3.5-Liter

Jaguar Mark IV

Total Production: 5,424

Jaguar Mark IV

Total Production: 7,230

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During the 1940's Jaguar produced vehicles known as 'Litre' cars such as the 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 Litre models. They were powered by engines designed by the Standard Motor Company. The 1.5 Litre engine was supplied by Standard but the larger variants were produced by Jagauar.

Production of the 1.5 Litre car lasted from 1935 through 1949. Horsepower varied over the years as did other various specifications. A four-speed manual gearbox sent power from the four-cylinder engine to the rear wheels. Top speed was over 100 km/h and believed to have been around 115 km/h.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jan 2007

Pronounced Mark Four, the Jaguar Mark IV was a saloon vehicle built by Jaguar from 1945 through 1945, and was a re-launch of a pre WWII model produced by SS Car Ltd from 1936.The company was renamed Jaguar Cars Ltd. after the war. The nomenclature ‘Mark IV' was applied by the trade to simply differentiate it from the officially named Mark V. The Saloons were named SS Jaguar 1 ½ litre, 2 ½ liter or 3 ½ liter. The little two seater sports vehicle was called the SS Jaguar 100 2 ½ liter or 3 ½ liter.

Never officially designated, the Jaguar MK IV was the nomenclature set aside for the range of immediately post-war saloons. The name Jaguar has always been synonymous with luxury, prestige and extravagance. Jaguar's first postwar model, the three-position drophead coupe was distinctive, captivating and extravagant. Extremely rare today, the MK IV was an extremely desirable vehicle and one of the few postwar cars that is considered a Full Classic by the Classic Car Club of America.

Introduced in 1945, the MK IV was visibly recognized by its classic lines and rugged simplicity. The outside of the car was marked by a long hood, large freestanding headlamps, a narrow, close-coupled body, flowing separate font fenders and an upright radiator capped by the Jaguar mascot. The interior featured high-quality furnishings that included a traditional British wood dash with large, easily readable marked dials. Jaguar's first cars after WWII were essentially continuations of the 1938-39 models. The Jaguar Mark IV 1.5 liter model rode a six-inch shorter wheelbase and featured a four cylinder rather than a six-cylinder engine. The 1.5 liter's top speed was around 70 mph while the 3.5 liter could achieve more than 90 mph.

A total of 5,761 1.5 liter Jaguar Mark IV's were produced, 1,861 2.5 liters and 4,420 of the 3.5 liter models. The Mark IV featured a wheelbase of 112.5 inches, an overall length of 173.0 inches, and had a weight of 2,970 lbs.

By Jessica Donaldson