Volvo PV4

Total Production: 694 1927 - 1929
The first saloon produced by the Volvo Motor Car Company appeared in 1927 and dubbed, the PV4. The saloon would be produced until 1929 with a total of 694 examples being created during that time. Minor aesthetic modifications occurred in 1928 and again in 1929.

These vehicles followed the Weymann principle; they had an insulated wooden frame and clothed in fabric rather than steel. The interior was very versatile, as the seats could be re-arranged into a bed for two.

Power came from a 118 cubic-inch four-cylinder engine with side valves that was capable of producing nearly 30 horsepower. There was a three-speed manual gearbox with direct-action floor lever controls. Top speed was around 55 mph with comfortable cruising speeds at about 40 mph. Braking was provided by mechanical drums in the rear. In 1928, four-wheel brakes were offered as optional equipment.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2007