Volvo V70

Volvo V70
1999 Volvo V70
Original Price: $29,000 - $41,400
Average Auction Sale: $10,570
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V70 History

As a result of Volvo's dynamic product strategy, a variety of new and exciting models were released in 1996. These included the S70 sedan, the station wagon V70 and the Volvo 850 Bi-Fuel. The 850 Bi-Fuel was fitted with twin fuel systems that made it capable of being driven with either methane gas or petrol. The V70 station wagon and the S70 sedan were advanced in Volvo technology and included a new 4-wheel drive on the list of options. To compete in the growing sport-utility market, the V70XC, a variant of the wagon was created. With additional plastic on the car body to make it look intimidating, the suspension of the V70ZC was higher than the V70's.

A mid-size / executive vehicle, the Volvo V70 was released in 1997 and was a four-door station wagon that was very closely related to the S70, S60 and S80, which were all sedans. The best selling vehicle in Sweden for numerous years, over 80% of V70's were sold in Europe, and one third in Sweden. Volvo had a new strategy of naming vehicles depending on size and body style, the V was appended for Versatility, S for saloon, and C for the new Coupe. These were basically the same car as the 850, with 1,800 improved and new parts in the design, along with upgraded safety, new engine, and better handling.

Produced in 1997 by Swedish car manufacturer Volvo, which is Latin for 'I roll', the Volvo V70 is a mid-size vehicle that was originally a development of the 850 station wagon and sedan series. Closely related to the S70, S60 and S80, which are all sedans, the V70 four-door station wagon has been the best selling vehicle in Sweden for numerous years.

The XC70, the off-road version of the V70 lineup, came with a slight lift in ground clearance, and sturdy plastic body cladding in the sides, front and back of the vehicle. The V70R was the highest performance variation in the V70 lineup, and had a rear spoiler and a turbocharged 300 hp engine.

An all new V70 was released in 2000 that was based on the P2 platform, which had been first utilized for the entire Swedish-designed Volvo S80 sedan in ‘98. Sharing the same sheet metal ahead of the B-pillar with the Volvo S60, the V70 had different grilles and front bumpers, (though the interior and the dashboard remained basically identical.)

For the 2005 model year, only minor updates were made of the V70, which included small styling changes to the tail lamps, and the front fascia.

On February 2nd, 2007 the third generation of V70's was introduced. This was a more up-market car than the previous generations, though it remained the same size. The rear-seat legroom was increased two centimeters, and the load area volume in the revised tailgate design was increase by 55 liters. Sharing little with the other Volvo models externally, the new V70 had a 3.21 straight-six, a 3.01 turbo straight-six, a light-pressure turbo 2.51 straight-five and two 2.41 straight-five diesel engines.

By Jessica Donaldson
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