Porsche 968
Porsche 968
Porsche 968

Total Production: 12,776 1992 - 1995
Influenced by declining sales in 1992, Porsche introduced a new more unified-looking model with enhanced technological updates. Imperative to the survival of Porsche as an independent automaker, this new design was what the market needed.

Jumpstarting the ‘new' Porsche look, the 968 borrowed many styling cues from the 928, along with the popular curves of the 911's. Boosting this normally aspirated model into the same performance range of the turbo, Variocam first appeared in this model. While the Porsche 911 Turbo was introduced with an even larger engine displacing 3600 cc and developing 360 bhp/265 kW, the 968 was introduced with leaned-down equipment, a lower price, and in two-seater Clubsport trim.

Showcased in 1993, the 968 Club Sport version featured a one-inch reduction in ride height, a reduction in weight, fully adjustable suspension and newly stiffened springs and dampers. Extra features and luxuries that were removed to accommodate the weight reduction included power windows, leather seats, air conditioning, stereo, and sound insulation from the passenger compartment.

Available only in Europe, the 968 CS Coupe was basically a stripped down high performance version that was priced under $60,000. A price that was far less expensive than other production super cars of the time.

One final attempt by Porsche to reach the pinnacle of performance and handling for the normally aspirated 944/968, the 968 Turbo S was an extremely rare model with only a total of fifteen models ever produced. The Turbo S was also only available in Europe. These fifteen exclusive models featured a water cooled KKK turbocharger that produced 305 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. Even the 911 Turbo of that year wasn't a worthy opponent for the Turbo S.

The 968 Turbo RS was a competition version of the Turbo S that was released for the final year of the 968. With a performance max of nearly 377 hp, the RS carried the respected handling attributes of the 944 S2 suspension body.

Outside of the 911, the 968 series was the most successful line of Porsche vehicles. Unfortunately the most underrated Porsche production lines ever, the 968 was discontinued in 1995.

By Jessica Donaldson

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