The Montclair was Mercury's premium model and within this group was the Sun Valley, which was one of the more innovative bodystyles. The car incorporated many unique features not seen on other vehicles. The front half of the roof was made from a tinted Plexiglass which gave it a feeling of a glass-roof. This design feature would be more likely to be found on a concept car rather than a production vehicle, but Mercury made it a reality. The Plexiglas roof was basically an extension of the windshield and provided excellent visibility for the driver and passengers. The exterior of the vehicles were finished in two-tone paint and featured the Montclair's chrome trim. The interior was adorned with many luxury appointments, including an air-conditioning unit. Buyers were hesitant to purchase the car because they felt the exposed roof would increase the interior temperature. In reality, the car only got about five degrees hotter than those with a fully enclosed roof. To help ease customer's concerns, the cars were given standard snap-on interior shade. Still, people were reluctant to buy and the model persisted for only a short time, lasting from 1954 and discontinued after 1956.
By Daniel Vaughan | Aug 2007

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