Ford Custom Deluxe

Ford Custom Deluxe
1951 Ford Custom Deluxe
Produced: 793,363
Original Price: $1,500 - $2,030
Average Auction Sale: $31,168
Chassis Profiles
Ford Custom Deluxe
1950 Ford Custom Deluxe
Produced: 1,355,576
Original Price: $1,510 - $2,105
Average Auction Sale: $31,226
Chassis Profiles
Ford Custom Series
1949 Ford Custom Series
Produced: 914,291
Original Price: $1,510 - $2,270
Average Auction Sale: $31,127
Chassis Profiles
World War II put automobile production on hold. Production ceased on February 10, 1942 and resumed in 1946. When production began, most vehicles offered by marques were basically carried over from pre-War development. It was not until 1949 until Ford began offering new designs. They featured simple lines that were clean and well integrated into the body. In the front was a dramatic and artful bullet nosed grille.

The Custom Deluxe Series was introduced in 1950 and would continue for a total of two years. The Custom Deluxe Crestliner two-door sedan was Ford's top-of-the-line offering and included chrome window moldings, chrome horn rings, armrests on all doors, and two sun visors. Needless to say, there was chrome at nearly every available location. Two engines were available, a six- and eight-cylinder unit. The L-head six-cylinder unit produced 95 horsepower while the L-head V8 produced 100 horsepower. The standard gearbox was a three-speed manual; an optional three-speed manual with automatic overdrive was optional

The cars rested on a 114-inch wheelbase and passenger cars measured 196.6 inches. Station wagons were slightly larger, measuring 206 inches.

The Crestliner was a two-door special sedan that had a vinyl top covering. There was extra chrome, special steering wheel, full wheel covers and special paint.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2009
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