Riley MPH
Riley MPH
The Riley MPH was introduced in 1934 and was based on the Riley IMP. The prototype MPH car was given a six-cylinder engine and mounted on an earlier T.T. chassis. It was clothed in aluminum bodywork similar to the contemporary Alfa Romeos. It was entered in the 1934 Scottish Rally and proved to be a capable contender.

The production versions of the MPH soon followed. They were available with a choice of engines, initially the 12/6 and the 14/6 and later the 12/6 and the 15/6. They were a dynamic vehicle that had stunning looks, impressive performance, innovative design, and even finished 2nd and 3rd at LeMans in 1934.

Today, there are around 20 examples of the Riley IMP still in existence.
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2009

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