Ford Model R

Total Production: 2,500 1907 - 1907
The Ford Model T is one of the most memorable and well-known vehicles ever created. Henry Ford had created several predecessors to the Model T, one of them was the six-cylinder Model K. It was a complex car which fostered Henry's dislike for complexity and is partly responsible for the introduction of the simplistic four-cylinder Model T. Prior four-cylinder Fords to the Model T were the N, R, and S, with the Model T benefiting from each of these models as well. It also differed from these prior cars; it had a cast en bloc engine and removable cylinder head, thermosyphon cooling and transverse leaf rear suspension. Similarities it shared with the N, R, and S include the bevel-topped radiator with tall neck, foot-operated planetary transmission, and a steering wheel with column-mounted spark and throttle controls.

The Model R Ford is distinguishable from the Model N by its running boards and mechanical lubrication system. The price difference between the two were $150, with the base price of the Model N being $600. The Model R had a very short lifespan, lasting from April through October in 1907. During that time, 2500 examples were produced.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2007

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