Marion Bobcat

Marion Bobcat Model 33
1912 Marion Bobcat Model 33
Original Price: $1,150
Average Auction Sale: $126,500
Chassis Profiles
Marion Bobcat Roadster
1911 Marion Bobcat Roadster
Original Price: $1,000
Average Auction Sale: $39,600
Chassis Profiles
In 1904 the Marion Motor Car Company, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, entered the automotive production business producing sturdy and reliable automobiles. John North Willys, owner of Overland, purchased controlling interest of the Marion Company and almost immediately production escalated. Overland had an established dealer network which helped generate interest for the vehicles.

By 1911 Harry Stutz was working as chief engineer for Marion Motor. He designed a roadster, dubbed the Bobcat, which bared a close resemblance to the Bearcat. Not only in design, in spirit as well. It was a minimalist vehicle, void of amenities and outfitted with a powerful engine, well, powerful at the time.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2008
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