Fiat 60HP

Total Production: 86 1904 - 1909
The Fiat 60 HP was introduced in 1904 and would remain in production until 1909 with a total of 86 examples being produced. It was created for the elite in society and fitted with many luxury amenities. The 60HP was available on two wheelbase sizes and was originally powered by a 4-cylinder engine offering 60 HP. This unit was later replaced with a 6-cylinder engine offering 65 horsepower.

Fiat offered high-end and durable cars and by 1907 was the top imported make in America, eventually leading to the establishment of American production facilities in Poughkeepsie, New York. Unlike the European operation, the U.S. built Fiats largely focused on smaller cars which were attainable by a wider audience.

Hollander and Tangeman was the sole U.S. importer, with showrooms at 56th and Broadway in New York City. Two Fiat automobiles were put on display at the 1907 Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers, later to be known as the New York Auto Show. Both examples rested on a 130-inch wheelbase and were powered by six-cylinder engines. One example wore a coach-built body and was the most expensive car at the show, with a price tag of $12,000. The other Fiat on display was a chassis and had a listed price of $10,500 making it the second-most expensive car at the show.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2009