Ambro Triumph Special

Bill Ames (William E. Aldrich-Ames) and Dewey Brohaugh constructed an aluminum-bodied TR3 and dubbed it a Peyote. Their next creations were constructed out of fiberglass and initially fitted to a TR3A chassis. Copies of the 80-pound body were sold to enthusiast and often fitted to chassis with wheelbases ranging from 88 to 102-inches. The chassis were not confined to European marques as some were placed atop of American chasses. It is believed that around 40 bodies were created and carried a price tag of about $350.

Production lasted from 1961 through 1964 until the project was sold to Jerry Scrabeck of Minnesota. Under Scrabeck's tutelage, another 12 examples were constructed. For a while the project lay dormant, until it was rejuvenated by Bill Bonadio in the 1990s who began the Dio Tipo kit car with the approval of Brohaugh. Since that time, Bonadio has produced several examples which were dubbed the Type 61 and Dio.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2009
Ambro Models

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