Alfa Romeo SZ

Alfa Romeo SZ
1991 Alfa Romeo SZ
Average Auction Sale: $61,655
Median Auction Sale: $54,006
Alfa Romeo SZ
1990 Alfa Romeo SZ
Average Auction Sale: $47,578
Median Auction Sale: $38,883

Total Production: 1,800 1989 - 1993
The vehicle began its life in concept form in 1987 as a vehicle intended to be short-run and raise headlines for Alpha Romeo. It was a vehicle aimed at being fun, rather than practical. Zagato, the manufacturer of the body, was given creative liberty on the design. In 1989, the production version was released in limited form. 1,000 coupes were released and a convertible option quickly followed of which, only 800 were built. The convertibles were labeled the RZ.

The car had no visible door handles. The front of the car had six square head lights. It was built on a short 98.8 inch wheelbase. This was in contrast to many of the other vehicles Alfa was building at the time. Some people loved it while other people hated it.

A V-6 engine was used and placed in the front of the car, while the five-speed manual gear box placed in the rear. Even though it only had a six cylinder naturally aspirated engine, it was still capable of speeds over 150 mph. Alfa Romeo had been competing in auto racing for over 75 years, so they were more than capable of building a fun, fast, well-handling, and visually appealing car.

Production continued from 1989 to 1993.
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2010
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