Saab 90

Total Production: 25,378 1984 - 1987
The Saab 90 was introduced in 1984 and would remain in production until 1987. A total of 25,378 examples would be produced. It was a continuation of the Saab 99 and followed closely in its footsteps; it was basically a Saab 99 with a new rear section from the Saab 900 sedan. With its new rear setup, the car had a larger truck and fuel tank than the 99 while being smaller than the 900.

Mounted under the bonnet was a 2-liter four-cylinder Saab H engine offering 100 horsepower. A four- and five-speed manual gearbox was available.

In 1986, the Saab 90 was given minor stylistic changes and fitted with modified shock absorbers. The following year, the carburetor was modified to make it easier to start in colder weather.
By Daniel Vaughan | Apr 2010

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