TVR 280i

TVR Tasmin 280i
TVR 280i
The TVR 280i, also known as the Tasmin, was produced from 1980 to 1988. The car featured a wedge-shaped design clothed in fiberglass that was both sporty and exotic. It was available as in 2+2 coupe or convertible configuration. The car had a tubular spaceframe chassis, a Bosch fuel injected V6 engine offering 160 horsepower, a four- or five-speed manual gearbox, and an optional three-speed automatic. Much of the running gear was sourced from Fords; the suspension and steering were from the Ford Cortina, the gearboxes were from the Cortina and Sierra, and the four-wheel disc brakes were from the Granada.

The Tasman was TVR's last car to be exported to the United States.

The Series II appeared in 1981, and brought with it many vast improvements. In 1983, the Tasmin name was dropped and the car was renamed the TVR 280i.

The car came standard with an AM/FM stereo radio with cassette player. The upholstery was suede velours and ambla. The doors contained ashtrays, power windows were standard, and a vanity mirror was concealed in the sun visor.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2010