Mercedes-Benz 37/90Hp

The Mercedes 37/90 HP Skiff was produced from 1911 through 1914. The body was designed by Henri Labourdette and the engine by Paul Daimler. The powerful front-mounted, four-cylinder pushrod engine drove the chain-driven rear wheels. There was one intake valve, two exhaust valves, and a single block of four cylinders. The peak horsepower was realized at above 1200 RPM from the 9.5 liter power-plant. Equipped with a four-speed manual transmission, the 95 horsepower vehicle was capable of achieving a top speed of over 70 miles-per-hour. Not bad for a 4300 pound equipped with a four-cylinder engine.

More than just a powerful car, this was meant as a luxury automobile. The chassis was designed to allow comfort while the interior was elegant, inviting, and accommodating.

In 1914 the 37/90 was replaced by the 38/100 HP model. Production soon ceased as the onset of World War I began.
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2011