Lagonda 16/80

Lagonda 16/80

Total Production: 261 1933 - 1934
In 1931, Lagonda introduced its 16/80 chassis. Powering the car was a 2.5-liter Crossley-designed six-cylinder engine fitted with twin SU carburetors and assembled by Lagonda to Lagonda standards. The engine was fitted to a four-speed transmission with a pre-selector gear change. There were four-wheel mechanical brakes with 16-inch drums.

Lagonda's built quality four- and six-cylinder cars. Their Speed Models offered exceptional acceleration and proved capable in competition. In 1933, the Lagonda's began using Meadows engines. These 4.5-liter engines proved no heavier than their own but produced 50 percent more power. This new M45 model was rather popular due to their great performance at a rather reasonable price.

The 16/80 was based on the chassis of the preceding 2-Liter Continental four-cylinder model. It retained the overall style and elegant beauty of the cars it replaced. The overhead-valve Crossley engine, reworked by Lagonda to its own specification, could be ordered with a conventional four-speed manual or pre-selector transmission. The mid-size model was rather silent, smooth, and offered brisk acceleration.

In total, around 260 examples of the 16/80 were produced.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2011

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