Packard 250

Packard 250
Packard Series 250
The Packard 250 was produced from 1951 through 1952 with just 9,841 examples produced. 4,640 were built in the first year. It shared the same basic body and wheelbase as the 200 but came equipped with Packard's larger 327 cubic-inch 8-cylinder inline engine. Both the 200 and 250 Series were Packard's least expensive model range and rode on a short wheelbase. These 'Junior' cars were separated from the Packard 300 and the Packard Patrician 400 Models by their 122-inch wheelbase and lesser trim appointments. Their appearances were similar to the senior cars though they lacked the Packard cormorant hood ornament and had vertical taillights instead of the horizontal ones found on the senior models.

The Model 250 was designed to fill a void in Packard's Junior lineup, as the 200 series did not have a hardtop coupe or convertible. Along with their unique body styles, the 250 Models also had three jet-louvers on each rear quarter panel, better-grade trim and fabric in the interior. The 200 Models were fitted with two sun visors, front and rear bumper guards, twin horns, spare tire, and jack set. The Deluxe trim level had Spartan appointments found on the standard models and added chrome wheel rings, and turn indicators.

The Mayfair hardtop sold for $3,290 while the convertible sold for $3,450. The hardtop had six interior upholstery combinations of ribbed nylon and leather materials. The convertible had seats covered with top-grain leather and washable woven leather-like plastic.

The L-head, 327 CID engine had hydraulic valve lifters and a Carter Type WGD two-barrel carburetor and produced 150 horsepower.
By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2012