Lincoln Versailles

Total Production: 50,156 1977 - 1980
The Lincoln Versailles was a 4-door sedan produced from 1977 through 1980. During its production lifespan, a total of 50,156 examples had been built.

When introduced in 1977, the Lincoln Versailles were nearly identical to the Mercury Grand Monarch Ghia. The Lincoln Versailles were about 50% more than their Grand Monarch sibling.

The idea for the Lincoln Versailles was to create a vehicle that had a smaller and more efficient chassis yet retaining the traditional Lincoln style and amenities. To help create a quality product, Lincoln enhanced the quality control of their plants and included a simulated road test. The Versailles were noted as the first production vehicle to offer clear coat paint. They had a refined, smooth, and quite ride thanks - in part - to its suspension system. In the front were helical coil springs with ball joints and drag struts. In the back was a Hotchkiss rear setup with semi-elliptic leaf springs. Power disc brakes were standard equipment. The Versailles featured unibody construction, a lightweight aluminum hood, reinforced chassis areas, sound deadening insulation, and low-friction lower ball joints.

Standard equipment included a digital clock from Cartier, AM/FM stereo search radio, four-way power seat, hand-wrapped leather instrument panel crash pad, leather-covered armrests, and bench seats. Power was from an overhead valve V8 displacing 5.8 liters and delivering 135 horsepower.

In 1977, a total of 15,434 examples were produced. The following year, sales dipped to 8,931 examples, but recovered in 1979 to 21,007 examples. 1980 was the final year of production, and just 4,784 examples were built.
By Daniel Vaughan | Oct 2015

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