Morris Ten Series M

Total Production: 80,586 1938 - 1948
On September 1st of 1932, Morris introduced the Series Ten. It was a medium-sized car powered by a four-cylinder side-valve engine, equipped with wire wheels, and fitted with a new type of mud guarding. The gearbox was a four-speed manual transmission, and Lockheed hydraulic brakes were fitted.

The Morris Ten was part of the '10 horsepower' bracket, a section of U.K. auto-making that was very popular in the industry. The original Ten was succeeded for 1938 by an all-new car, the Ten Series M. It was an advanced vehicle that featured unitary construction. It was part of small group of vehicles that used this type of construction, including the Cord 810 and the Chrysler Airflow in the United States, and Citroens in Europe.

Production of the Series M was continuous for 10 years, from 1938 to 1948, with 27,020 built prior to World War II, and 53,566 built thereafter. Only a few were brought to North America.
By Daniel Vaughan | Dec 2016

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