The Renault R8 was introduced in June of 1962 and was based on the Renault Dauphine, both having a 2270mm wheelbase, but with the R8 being slightly narrower. It had a sealed for life cooling system, four-wheel disc brakes, and a Renault 956cc four-cylinder rear-mounted engine. The example produced by Renault's Spanish affiliate had drum brakes. In 1964, an 1108cc engine became available, offering nearly 50 horsepower. An even more powerful engine, the 8 model R1134 Gordini, was introduced a year later.

The design of the Renault R8 was similar to the Alfa Romeo prototype tipo 103 of 1960, because Renault and Alfa Romeo had a business relations during the 1950s and 1960s.

The R8 Gordini was given a facelift in 1967 which included the addition of two headlights. The engine was also upgraded to a 1255cc unit which had nearly 100 horsepower. It featured twin dual-choke Weber side-draft carburetors, and the R1134 Gordini cross-flow head design.

Another major revision occurred in 1969.
By Daniel Vaughan | Mar 2018

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