Mercury Montego Cyclone
Mercury Cyclone
Mercury Cyclone
Mercury Cyclone
Advertised as the vehicle that was 'Born for Action - Racy' the 1965 Comet Cyclone hit the market with a bang. 'Help stamp out dull driving' was the catchphrase used to promote this new model.

Beginning as an option for the '64 Comet, the Mercury Cyclone was originally introduced to the automobile market in 1964. For the next three years, it continued as a Mercury Comet Cyclone. Remaining in production until 1972, the Cyclone featured an available 289 V8 that was rated at 210 hp. From 1968 on, the Mercury Montego applied the name Cyclone.

During its first year of production, a total of 7,454 units of the Mercury Cyclone were produced. A total of 12,347 Comet Cyclones were produced in the 1965 model year. This amazing selling potential was most likely due to the range of available features that included custom options like Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic, or four-on-the-floor.

The Comet Cyclone was made available standard with bucket seats, tachometer, 3 spoke steering wheels, console, 'chrome look' wheel covers, and many more features. Rated at 210 hp, and featuring an optional HiPo 281 hp version of the 289 V8, the 'Cyclone Super 289 V8' was the standard engine with a four-barrel carburetor.

In 1965, all-new styling was featured. Both the Cyclone emblems and the checkered flag were moved to rear fenders and vertical headlights were added. The very popular stainless steel 'chrome simulated' wheel covers remained the same on the Cyclone for this year. A standard option for this year was a 195 hp version of the 289 V8 with a two-barrel carburetor. An available option was a four-barrel carburetor 225 hp 289 V8 engine. One other optional feature was an available hood with twin air scoops that were constructed of fiberglass. These models began at a base price of $2625.00.

For the 1966 model year, a total of 6,889 Hardtop models and 1,305 Convertibles of the Comet Cyclone model were produced.

Made available for the 289 V8 engine, a line of 'Cobra' high-performance equipment was featured. This line offered an innovative 271 hp version of the 289 V8 and included a Cobra heavy-duty clutch, special carburetors, air cleaners, and valve covers. Featured by Mercury, in 1967 a Cyclone GT was made available and was powered by a 335 hp 390 V8. A 427 was made available with 425 hp the following year.

By Jessica Donaldson

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