Triumph Stag
Triumph Stag
Triumph Stag

Total Production: 25,877 1970 - 1978
The Triumph Stag was designed by the famous Italian designer, Giovanni Michelotti. The vehicle was produced from 1970 through 1978 with a total of 25,877 examples produced.

Triumph elected to have Michelotti design the car, hoping to make it a luxury sports car that was suitable for a gentleman and packed with performance characteristics. Michelotti had worked with Triumph before; he was responsible for the Triumph 2000. He had a close relationship with Harry Webster, the Director of Engineering at Triumph.

The Triumph Stag was a two-door, four-seater convertible coupe that had a B-pillar to give the car extra strength in case of a roll-over. A removable hardtop was offered as optional equipment but eventually became standard. Many of the mechanical components, such as the suspension, were borrowed from the Triumph 2000. It sat on a 100 inch wheelbase and was powered by a 2997 cc V8 engine, which would later prove to be unreliable. Poor build quality and problems with the design led many to complain about the problems they endured. The transmission was a three-speed Borg-Warner automatic unit. A few cars were constructed with the TR-2 gearbox.

There were only a few options available on the car since it came rather equipped from the factory. The electric windows, power assisted brakes, and power steering were standard. The buyer could opt to purchase the luggage rack, fog lamps, floor mats, and Koni shock absorbers from the dealer or other aftermarket specialists.

Of the 25,877 examples produced, 2871 were sent to the United States.

Though the vehicle did have its shortcomings, the undeniable elegance of the Michelotti design is timeless. In the James Bond movie 'Diamonds are Forever', Peter Franks could be seen driving a Triumph Stag. When James Bond stole Frank's identity, he got a turn driving the vehicle.
By Daniel Vaughan | Sep 2006

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