Devin D
Devin D
The Devin SS cost around $10,000 which was expensive for many privateers. In response Devin created the D as a less expensive alternative. The rear engined racer was powered by either a Volkswagen or Porsche engine. Other components such as brakes and transmission were from Porsche and Volkswagen. The suspension was a Volkswagen unit holding the 83-inch ladder frame in place. The car was delivered as a completed vehicle or in individual components. The frame and body cost just under $900. A complete car with the Volkswagen engine cost just under $2000 while the Porsche powered vehicle cost about $3,355.

The Devin C was a continuation of the Devin D. The Corvair was introduced in 1959 and Devin saw an opportunity to adapt its engine, mechanical components, and running gear to create a new vehicle. The Corvair engine was heavier which helped in the addition of a few hundred pounds to the vehicle. A new chassis was created for the C but it was very similar in design to the D. A collection of parts to complete the car would set a buyer back $2050. A finished product cost $4500.

The Devin C and D were successful in club racing events.
By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2011

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