Panoz AIV Roadster
Panoz AIV Roadster

Total Production: 231 1992 - 1999
The handmade Panoz AIV Roadster was introduced in 1992 by the Panoz Auto Development Company of Georgia. This was the work of Dan Panoz with the design courtesy of Frank Costin. Under the hood was a Ford power-plant that produced over 300 horsepower. Zero-to-sixty was under five seconds for this front-engined, rear-wheel drive sportster. The first cars were produced using aluminum and this was the inception for the name AIV - Aluminum Intensive Vehicle.

Many of the mechanics were from the Ford Motor Car Company. The early versions of the Roadster had a stainless steel space fram chassis with aluminum body. In 1997 this was changed to an aluminum frame with steel subframe. Under the hood was now an aluminum Ford 32-DOHC V8. The suspension was independent in both the front and rear.

Production lasted until 1999 with 10 being produced in 2000 as special edition Signature Edition AIV Roadsters. They were given superchargers and special paint colors. When production of the AIV Roadster ended, the Panoz Esperante began.
By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2006

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