1962 Plymouth Savoy

1962 Plymouth Savoy 1962 Plymouth Savoy 1962 Plymouth Savoy
V8 Sedan
For 1962 the full-size Plymouth Fleet Special and the Savoy were given the 'Valiant look.' Both sub-series came as a 4-door sedan and a 2-door coupe, with the Savoy also benefitting from a 4-door station wagon. The stock engine was a 225 cubic-inch 6-cylinder, and a 318 cubic-inch V8 (as a separate sub-series, not an option.)

This Savoy is a Golden Commandos clone, dressed up in their distinctive style. 'Detroit's own Golden Commandos' were a team of Chrysler technicians and engineers in Chrysler's Highland Park, Michigan engineering facility that went Super Stock drag racing for the Plymouth Division in the mid-1960s.

The Savoy name was used on a variety of different vehicles produced by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation. Much like the Belvedere and the Plaza, the Savoy was named after an upscale hotel. Originally, the first Savoy produced was a station wagon introduced in 1951 that lasted until 1953 before being upgraded to the base model Suburban. Eventually the more popular line was introduced, a line of full-sized Plymouth models were introduced from 1954 through 1961.

Introduced in 1954, the Savoy was Plymouth's mid-level vehicle and was placed in between the base Plaza sedans and the top of the line Belvedere models. The following year new model paint schemes were introduced. The Savoy replaced the Plaza in 1959 and became Plymouth's entry-level vehicle. The Savoy featured a standard 230-cube flathead six engine.

The Plymouth Savoy was available a 4 door sedan, two-door Club Coupe or a two-door Club Sedan. A hardtop coupe and Custom Suburban station wagon Savoy were introduced in 1956. A four-door hardtop sedan was added to the lineup in 1957 for this year and 1958. Unfortunately the Plymouth Savoy was placed back in entry-level status in 1959, its original position. Both hardtop models were deleted, along with the luxurious interior trim and side trim.

Sales were still up and remained steady. The Savoy was popular as a fleet model by taxicab companies, and the majority of their sales came from this. The Savoy as so popular in fact as a taxi, that a brand new Plymouth Taxi Special was introduced in 1960.

At the end of the 1964 model year Plymouth discontinued the Savoy nameplate everywhere except Canada, where it remained until 1965. The Fury 1 was introduced as the full-sized entry-level Plymouth model in the U.S. and in Canada the upper series was renamed to Fury II and Fury III in 1965.

By Jessica Donaldson

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1962 Savoy
1962 Plymouth Savoy Price Range: $2,205 - $2,720

$2,560 - $4,040

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1967Chevrolet (2,206,639)Ford (1,730,224)Toyota (1,068,321)638,075
1966Ford (2,212,415)Chevrolet (2,206,639)Volkswagen (1,168,146)687,514
1965Chevrolet (2,375,118)Ford (2,170,795)Volkswagen (1,174,687)728,228
1964Chevrolet (2,318,619)Ford (1,594,053)Toyota (1,068,321)551,633
1963Chevrolet (2,237,201)Ford (1,525,404)Fiat (957,941)488,448
1962Chevrolet (2,061,677)Ford (1,476,031)Fiat (957,941)339,527
1961Ford (1,338,790)Chevrolet (1,318,014)Volkswagen (807,488)356,257
1960Chevrolet (1,653,168)Ford (1,439,370)Toyota (1,068,321)483,969
1959Chevrolet (1,462,140)Ford (1,450,953)Volkswagen (575,407)458,261
1958Chevrolet (1,142,460)Ford (987,945)Volkswagen (451,526)443,799
1957Ford (1,676,449)Chevrolet (1,505,910)Plymouth (726,009)726,009

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