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2006 Toyota Endo Concept

The Frankfurt Motor Show marks the world premiere of Endo. After CS&S (Frankfurt 2003) and Motor Triathlon Race Car (Geneva 2004), Endo is the third concept car conceived by ED2, Toyota's European design studio – all designed within the context of the Vibrant Clarity design philosophy which now underpins all Toyota styling.

The design concept for Endo takes, as its starting point, the city environment. Úrban areas form an increasing difficult challenge for automotive designers and city planners – shortage of space, emissions and traffic congestion all make the city less inviting but customers still demand personal mobility. Endo is an urban-friendly solution that intends to address some of these problems.

Its compact dimensions and low kerb weight allow a better use of space and low emissions, while simultaneously seating four passengers in comfort and allowing additional luggage space. Endo is short, at 3 metres long, but tall (1.52 m) and wide (1.69 m) to create ample interior space. Its advanced versatility and modularity provide its passengers with solutions that will improve their everyday city journey.

The designers were working within the ‘Vibrant Clarity' design philosophy which is enabling Toyota to take a new direction towards fresher, more animated models now and in the future. These models will stand out from the mainstream and help redefine Toyota's new global identity. Keywords which suggest Vibrant are Invigorating and Engaging; while Clarity is suggested by words such as Clear, Logical and Simple.

There are four elements which come together to create Vibrant Clarity, being also clearly expressed in Endo: P – Proportion A – Architecture S – Surface S – Special touch. The proportions of Endo are specific to its concept – with maximised width and the short, ideal urban length. Indeed, the proportions are optimised for four people.

The architecture of Endo is clear and expressive with the intersection of its two main elements; the upper cabin which is oval in shape and the lower free-form section which creates a more emotional protective base. The surface is clean and tense, highlighted by the dramatic sweeping shoulder line to promote a simple, hi-tech image. The special touches of Endo are in its interior versatility and high technology features.

In keeping with the compact philosophy, getting in and out of Endo has been greatly improved by the innovative use of a two-link hinge system for the front doors that allows a large opening in confined spaces.

Again, this is an important factor in the tailgate design, which can be easily opened and closed even when parked in tight spaces.

The predominant feature of the instrument panel is the large information screen that spans the entire width of the car. The size promotes an unparalleled ease of use and delivers a strong IT image. In addition to the meters, navigation, audio, air conditioning and rear view functions, this display can also feature user-defined information such as e-mail, internet, with endless individual customized settings.

The user can also change the background colour of the screen and its illumination is reflected on the white door trim, creating a special interior ambience. The large glass roof further reinforces this unique atmosphere. The width aspect of Endo is also utilized on the floor, allowing increased functionality. The front passenger seat can be freely moved in four directions, front, back, left and right.

This free movement allows for usable storage space next to the passenger seat as well as improved access to the rear. The rear seats show unique functionality with back rests that can be rotated in several different directions and it is extremely simple to tailor the interior to the users needs, whether it be four seats, three seats with a table or two seats with increased luggage space. In this way, Endo can be adapted to suit the hectic and rapidly changing lifestyles of urban families of the future.

Source - Toyota Motor Company

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