1961 Maserati Tipo 63/64 Birdcage

The Maserati company was established in 1926, but it would not be until many years later that Maserati would become a major builder of road cars. The company was founded by five of the six Maserati brothers (the sixth became an artist). The company's primary products were spark plugs and other automotive components, but they also built (and raced) race cars. The Maserati company was purchased by Commendatore Adolfo Orsi in 1938, but he retained the services of the Maserati brothers for ten more years.

The Maserati 'Birdcage' was so-named because of the thin, intricate tubular structure that made up the frame.

The Typo 60 and 61 models, which were front-engined, were the first to use this structure. Typo 63, which was rear-engined, also used a similar structure. However, the rear-engined Typo 64 had an even more intricate structure using even thinner tubing, and its deDion rear suspension was also of a similar design, causing the car to be nick-named the 'Supercage.'

By Daniel Vaughan | Jun 2006

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The Maserati Tipo 61 was produced from 1959 through 1960. During its production lifespan, only 16 examples were created. The design had been conceived by Giulio Alfieri, Maseratis chief design engineer at the time with the purpose of competing in SCCA competition.The name Birdcage was given to the Tipo 61 because of their tubular chassis. It featured a spaceframe chassis comprised of around....
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