1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

The world was introduced to the Plymouth Barracuda in April of 1964, joining a lineup that consisted of the Valiant in several different trim levels, Savoy, Belvedere, and the Fury. The Fury was the top-of-the-line Plymouth in terms of cost and was available with a Slant Six or V-8 engines. They were well-equipped with all the features found on the Belvedere line and added a padded dashboard, electric clock, and back-up lamps. Fury lettering could be found throughout the vehicle.

The Plymouth Fury was available as a sedan, convertible, hardtop coupe and hardtop sedan. Additionally, buyers could purchase the Fury as a 6- or 9-passenger station wagon.

The Plymouth Sport Fury was also available; it came as either a 2-door hardtop coupe or a convertible. They featured a wide body-side molding with color insert, Sport Fury lettering and script, Special wheel covers with simulated knock-off hubs, and bucket seats. V8 engines were standard and buyers seeking more could purchase the Sport Fury with the 426 Super Sport 'Max-Wedge Stage III' V8.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2015

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The Plymouth Fury was introduced in 1956 and continued in production as a model andor series until 1989. Plymouth had been using the name Fury as the high-performance version of its standard vehicle and in 1956 made its own model designation. The initial desire of the Fury was to highlight the abilities of the Plymouth division and to create a stunning automobile that would capture the attention....
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1964 Sport Fury
1964 Plymouth Sport Fury Price Range: $2,865 - $3,100

$1,920 - $2,475
$2,575 - $3,085

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1969Chevrolet (2,092,947)Ford (1,826,777)Volkswagen (1,241,580)751,134
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1961Ford (1,338,790)Chevrolet (1,318,014)Volkswagen (807,488)356,257
1960Chevrolet (1,653,168)Ford (1,439,370)Toyota (1,068,321)483,969
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