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2005 TechArt 911 Turbo Cabriolet

The TechArt TA 096/T3 tuning kit boosts power output of the water-cooled 3.6-liter flat six engine from standard 420 hp / 309 kW to 600 hp / 441 kW. The conversion comprises two larger turbochargers and intercoolers, special aluminum intake manifolds, a sport air filter and the TechArt stainless-steel exhaust system with integrated high-performance catalysts. Newly programmed engine electronics ensure that all modifications work together flawlessly.

The conversion not only benefits maximum power output:

Peak torque grows from standard 560 Nm to 740 Nm at 4,600 rpm. Power is transferred to all four wheels via a custom high-performance clutch and a modified six-speed manual gearbox with TechArt shift travel reduction.

Thus equipped the TechArt-tuned Porsche 911 Cabriolet is firmly among the world's fastest convertibles: The sprint from 0-100 km/h takes just 3.7 seconds. After just 11.9 seconds the car reaches 200 km/h. On the high-speed track in Nardo, Italy the Porsche reached a top speed of 334 km/h.

2005 TechArt 911 Turbo Cabriolet
This kind of performance places the highest demands on aerodynamics. Úsing a wind tunnel the TechArt designers developed aerodynamic-enhancement components which not only produce optimal aerodynamic downforce but which also lend the Turbo Cabriolet an unmistakable appearance.

The TechArt GT street front apron with adjustable splitter produces downforce on the front axle and provides the various radiators, intercoolers and front brakes with an extra dose of cooling air, thanks to its larger and strikingly styled air inlets. In addition, the integrated center air outlet improves venting of the radiators.

The TechArt side sills calm the airstream and better route the air past the rear wheels. The TechArt air routers in the sides optimize the supply of cooling air for engine and intercoolers.

The TechArt GT street rear wing comes with adjustable angle of attack which allows the 996 Turbo Cabriolet to be trimmed either for maximum downforce or for a higher top speed.

The TechArt GT street rear apron with integrated diffuser also contributes to the high downforce on the rear axle, and provides the perfect backdrop for the two characteristic dual tailpipes of the TechArt high-performance brake system.

The TechArt Vario suspension, developed jointly with Bilstein Racing Service on various racetracks such as the north circuit of the Nürburgring and the Hockenheimring, offers a sporty yet comfortable ride. Contrary to conventional coil-over suspensions the TechArt Automobildesign's innovative solution not only offers the possibility to lower the ride height individually by up to 30 millimeters on front and rear axle; the TechArt Vario sport suspension also comes with sport shock absorbers with adjustable bound and rebound. Together this allows the suspension to be set up to the individual preferences of each driver and to the specific use of the car – on the road or on the racetrack.

The TechArt/Bilstein struts are further equipped with modified pivot points for the sway bars and with special suspension mounts.

2005 TechArt 911 Turbo Cabriolet
Another large part of the sporty handling of the TechArt-tuned 911 Turbo Cabriolet can be credited to the especially light one-piece TechArt Formula five-spoke wheels. The TechArt GT street S 911 Turbo Cabriolet comes with these light-alloy wheels in size 8.5Jx19 in front and in size 11Jx19 on the rear axle.

TechArt technology partner Continental supplies the perfect high-performance tires for the TechArt GT street S in the ContiSportContact 2 Vmax. They are mounted in size 235/35 ZR 19 on the front axle and in size 315/25 ZR 19 in the rear.

The TechArt interior program for the 911 Turbo comprises exclusive fully leather interiors and numerous sporty accessories. The product lineup ranges from various versions of an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel with airbag to aluminum foot rest, pedals and shifter to stainless-steel sill plates with TechArt logo.

Source - TechArt

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