2006 Alfa Romeo 2.4 JTDm

2006 Alfa Romeo 2.4 JTDm

A new version of the Alfa Brera makes its debut in Geneva, equipped with the powerful 200 bhp 2.4 JTDm 20v engine which is capable of a top speed of over 228 km/h, and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.3 seconds.

The new engine is derived from the well-known 2.4 JTD 20-valve ‘Common Rail' engine; it has 5 cylinders in line and is the most powerful of the multivalve JTD engines with Multijet technology, with a specific power output of 84 bhp/litre. The new engine offers several advantages. First of all, quieter warm-up which varies with the engine speed and ambient temperature. Plus plenty of power (147 kW - 200 bhp at 4,000 rpm) and generous torque (400 Nm – 40.8 kgm at 2000 rpm).

There are four valves per cylinder, activated via hydraulic tappets and rocker arms by the twin overhead camshaft. Several changes were made to the new turbodiesel engine to boost performance and engine torque at low speeds, and to eliminate noise and vibration. For example, the ‘Common Rail' system adopted on the 2.4 JTDm 20-valve engine envisages two new automatic control strategies for the setting and balance of the injected diesel fuel, to reduce noise and vibration.

The engine includes a number of new components, such as the cylinder head with small stem inlet valves to increase the quantity of inlet air, con rods of fractured steel and a new shape that increases mechanical resistance to the strong stress created by the increased power, an inlet manifold fitted with a throttle valve on one of the two inlet ports of the cylinders to control the turbulence of the air entering, a throttle valve to prevent shaking when the engine is turned off, and an intercooler that is highly efficient thanks to its shape and position in the car, to guarantee the optimal temperature and density of the inlet air.

The electronic EGR exhaust gas cooling system has also been modified; the lubricating circuit has a new oil pump and an external air/oil heat exchanger to cool the oil, while the water pump on the cooling circuit is also new. In other words, a long list of improvements and changes that have produced a reliable, powerful engine which is sparing on fuel. (concept carz) Excellent results, achieved thanks to different engine control settings, an increase in the direct injection pressure to 1600 bar, and new turboblower settings.

The turboboost is provided by a turboblower with a variable geometry turbo that helps to improve power delivery, but also generates very high torque even at low engine speeds. In fact, 90% of peak torque is available between 1750 and 3500 rpm, figures that translate into extremely enjoyable driving and brilliant performance.

All the strong points of the Alfa Brera

Sportiness and elegance combined in unique, exclusive styling. Harmonious forms and volumes which produce a beautiful, powerful, solid car, when they are supported by Alfa Romeo mechanical and engineering excellence. This is very briefly the spirit of the Alfa Brera, the prestigious new coupé which will arouse extreme emotions and guarantee superbly enjoyable driving. The engineers and stylists only had one goal: to combine the elegant sporty styling of an exceptional car with the quality and comfort of a luxury saloon.

To achieve this result, they started from the excellent premises of the fascinating Brera prototype, designed by Giugiaro, which had excited the press and the general public, winning numerous prestigious international awards. The model that emerged was an immediate success for its unmistakable ‘Italian elegance', and absolutely unique, unrepeatable styling which anticipates the enjoyable sporty drive that is typical of the brand, a fact borne out by numerous Alfa Romeo models that have been milestones in motoring history in this very category: from the 1900 SS to the Giulietta Sprint, the Alfetta and the Giulia Sprint GT.

This original styling is set off by generous dimensions: it is 183 cm wide, 441 cm long and 137 cm high, with a wheelbase of 252 cm, although the heightened taper of the front and rear make it look very compact. This does not in any way diminish the comfort or functionality, as so often happens on this type of car. What is more, the interior ambience of the Alfa Brera is welcoming, well-lit and very sophisticated, thanks to the quality materials used and the introduction of innovative features, such as the large fixed sunroof which increases the luminosity in the car and the passengers' sense of space, making the line sleeker and more flowing. The stylish built-in radio and the controls for the dual-zone automatic climate control are at the centre of the facia. The radio includes a CD player (with the option of an MP3 player), and excellent acoustics by Bose®, calibrated specifically for the car, with six speakers and an output of 570 Watt.

From the lavish equipment to the exclusive range of engines. The engine is the real strength of every Alfa model. Behind a fascinating line and strong personality, the Alfa Brera conceals superb engines with advanced technology and generous performance: the 2.2 delivering 185 bhp and the 3.2 V6 delivering 260 bhp (both JTS direct injection petrol engines), and the new 2.4 JTDm 20v that delivers 200 bhp. In addition to the ‘Alfa Romeo temperament' of its engines, the new car guarantees excellent dynamic performance thanks to the high double wishbone suspension at the front and a Multilink system at the rear. The Alfa Brera combines superb comfort and a sporty trim plus, standard on the 3.2 JTS, an advanced version of the ‘Alfa Q4' four-wheel drive system. And finally, where safety is concerned, the Brera boasts the most advanced electronic devices to control the car's dynamic behaviour (from braking to traction) implemented to raise the dynamic limits even higher, so that they are not intrusive for the driver, but enhance safety. The effect of these devices was studied in simulations and painstaking tests on the track, undertaken with the goal of guaranteeing the most enjoyable drive possible.

And finally, depending on the market, the Alfa Brera family is available in different configurations, by combining: two JTS engines (the 185 bhp 2.2 and the 260 bhp 3.2 V6) and a turbodiesel Multijet (2.4 JTDm 20v delivering 200 bhp); two outfits; ten colours for the bodywork; 4 types of interior upholstery in flocked fabric, Alfatex®, leather and ‘pieno fiore' fine-grain leather by Frau®. And the new model also proposes numerous sophisticated devices and systems that make it a benchmark in its segment. For example: VDC, Xenon headlights, and seven airbags as standard equipment (where safety is concerned); an info-telematic system with radio and telephone controls on the steering wheel, Bose® Hi-Fi system and CD changer (where entertainment and info-mobility are concerned); Cruise Control (for stress-free driving); 16', 17' or 18' alloys (for customised styling).

Source - FIAT AUTO S.p.A.

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